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Individuals, families, and even businesses are all worried about physical safety, and for good reason, but have you considered worrying about your digital safety? Personal and financial information is stored across a wide variety of platforms in a variety of forms.  In the wrong hands, an information leak of either kind can have disastrous consequences. Think about all of the personal information you’ve ever been asked for or all that you keep on hand for clients and employees– Are you doing your utmost to protect it? With holiday shopping and travel coming up, the amount of information exchanged will only increase and your security measures should increase too.

What could go wrong?  Consider the many complications businesses could run into if a data or financial breach occurs.  For example, who is doing your bookkeeping? Do you trust them fully? Do you understand how your business’ finances are handled, as a whole? If money slips through the cracks illegally, it won’t matter which employee is responsible. As the business owner, your name and your business is on the line. Embezzling can happen when any business turns a blind eye and it’s not just the major corporations that show up in the news. It’s important to stay informed to avoid this trouble, and, if you see something suspicious or illegal, it helps to know at what point the police should be involved. Another important aspect to consider when it comes to protection is how much data is stored digitally or online. Many third-party vendors store mass information online, but as a business or individual, you can choose not to. Keep this data backed up more carefully, safely out of reach.

When it comes to data protection, it’s important that you have a plan in place to prevent against and recover in the case of a data breach– a business attorney with a focus on cybersecurity can counsel and assist you with this! Protect the personal and financial data of yourself and your employees as if it were that of your own family. As a business owner, you’re liable to have certain measures in place and you’ll rest easier knowing that you’re protected.

The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.